A 71-year-old former NYC Transit employee has filed one very graphic complaint against his erstwhile supervisor. The Daily News tried to shield you from the worst aspects of Hector Prowse's disturbing interactions with his boss, NYC Transit Manager Frederick Lynch, but I'm not that coddling.

According to the complaint, Prowse was hired as a construction cost estimator on January 28, 2013. His alleged nightmare began that very day:

"On January 28, 2013, Mr. Prowse was called into Mr. Lynch's office. Mr Lynch explained ways to carry estimate projects for Transit. During the meeting Mr. Lynch rubbed his penis over his pants manually and became visibly aroused."

Mr. Lynch then inquired to Mr. Prowse, "Look what's that?" Mr. Prowse was mute!"

N.B.: I've elected to include the many, many typos that appear in the complaint. Things really start to unravel toward the end, departing from the land of English and entering pidgin language territory, the words "penis" and "erect" the only constant. You get the sense the complaint was originally penned in Russian before it was hastily dumped into Google Translate. Further allegations:

February 1: Mr. Lynch was leaving for vacation to Trinidad-Tibago. He invited Mr. Prowse to accompany him on vacation all-expenses paid. As Mr. Lynch communicated his request to Mr. Prowse that he accompany him on vacation, he was rubbing his crotch.

March 7, 2013: Mr. Lynch called Mr. Prowse to his office. At this meeting Mr. Lynch proceeded to show Mr. Prowse vacation pictures. Mr. Lynch commented to Mr. Prowse that he wished he could have been there on vacation with him. Mr. Lynch then dropped the pictures directly in front of Mr. Prowse, When bent down to pick them up he maneuvered his buttocks so that his buttocks were nearly pressing against Mr. Prowse crotch. As he retrieved the pictures, Mr. Prowse shaked his buttocks as Mr. Prowse stood silently.

April 19, 2013: Mr. Lynch called Mr. Prowse to his office. Mr. Lynch, wanted to know progress on the Greenpoint Tube Project. While showing his papers, Mr. Lynch held Mr. Prowse's right hand for a while and was trying to pull it away from him. He forcefully put Mr. Prowse's hand on his penis area and claimed that Mr. Prowse had beautiful hands, like a pianist.

May 7, 2013: Mr. Prowse was called to Mr. Lynch's office. Mr. Lynch was having tea or coffee with bread or doughnut. He dropped the bread purposely on his pants that fell right into his crotch area. Mr. Lynch's pants zipper was all the way down. He got up from his seat and obviously had an penis erection.

Mr. Lynch complained to Peter Desimone, Chief Estimator. Rather than correct Mr. Lynch's behavioral manners, Mr. Desimone was yelling at Mr. Prowse, "if you don't like the way we do things at the NYCT, do something else."

May 23, 2013: Mr. Prowse had a meeting with Mr. Lynch in his office about electrical construction at the subway station on 48th Street and Northern Blvd., Queens. Mr. Lynch started touching and groping his pants in the crotch area. Mr. Lynch then made a comment, 'what's going on here, while I am getting an erection??' Mr. Lynch, began talking to his penis, and said 'you should be hidden beneath my pants, this is your cave.'

November 14, 2013: Again, Mr. Lynch approached him and grabbed his shoulders and started squeezing them; neck and body back. Mr. Prowse abruptly got up from my seat and told him to start right away. Mr. Lynch replied, "so you don't like it??" Mr. Prowse responded "I had told you dozen of times that, do not touch me, you're the most indelicate person I had ever met in all my years at work!! I do not need any massages from you!!!"

December 3, 2013: Mr. Lynch called Mr. Prowse to his office. Mr. Lynch was listening to music through his iPod or cellular and dancing by himself, grabbing his crotch, epitomizing his body movements in a sexual mood and bending his ass to protrude something toward Mr. Prowse to see. Mr. Lynch faced Mr. Prowse inches from his body, spinning 360 degrees and rubbing his buttocks on Mr. Prowse's body.

Prowse had apparently complained to various superiors about this treatment throughout, but did not quit, on the basis that he needed the money to support his family.

The MTA declined to comment.

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