2006_12_pierreforsale.jpgThere's a long feature in the Times' City section about the Pierre Hotel's triplex penthouse. It's been on the market for $70 million since 2004 at Brown Harris Stevens, and if you had $70 million, you'd get 360-degree views of Manhattan from midtown, 16 rooms (including a huge ballroom with 23 foot high ceiling and 20 foot doors), 5 fireplaces and a housekeeper and houseman. But you'd need to pay the whole thing in cash and get past the board, not to mention pay $464,000 in annual maintenance fees.

The article looks at the history of the triplex - Kitty Carlisle Hart danced with George Gershwin, debutante receptions, Twiggy and offers some thoughts on the apartment's space:

As an apartment, it is a peculiar space with some surprisingly modest-size rooms orbiting the gargantuan salon. For a family of four, dining in the former ballroom might feel about as cozy as eating in Grand Central Terminal after the crowds have gone.

But for the American and European billionaires who have been viewing the triplex as a potential pied-à-terre, such quibbles are largely beside the point.

“People really look at it like buying a rare piece of art rather than an apartment,” said Ms. Sample, the broker.

“It’s not like buying a penthouse in a new building where the top five floors are basically all identical and all called penthouses,” she added. “It’s a thing of beauty that can’t be replicated.”

Yeah, and rare pieces of art don't come with staff!

If you are really curious about the apartment's view, rent the boring movie, Meet Joe Black, which filmed the exteriors and views from the apartment.