A poor 7-year-old boy who risked everything to steal a cheap piece of jewelry for his mom on Mother's Day was forced to make adorable amends once his parents realized the bauble was obtained unethically. Rony Vardi, owner of the cute Catbird boutique in Williamsburg, tells us she wasn't even aware that the locket, worth $15, was missing until the li'l shoplifting prodigy approached her with this note, tears streaming down his face.

Vardi says one of her employees told the boy he did the right thing, but when asked if she planned to get the police involved, she laughed and said, "For sure. We're gonna hunt him down and make sure we really teach him a lesson." Which would be a shame—we can tell this kid's got talent. What he really needs is a mentor, so we're putting him in touch with the mysterious Whole Foods shoplifter for an apprenticeship. [Via Racked]