Yesterday, 7 World Trade Center was "topped out," after the final beam for its frame was secured. Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Pataki, LMDC chairman John Whitehead and developer Larry Silverstein were present for the ceremony that celebrated the future of the new 52 story building. Newsday reported that it will cost $700 million and have 1.7 million square feet, with the first ten floor holding a Con Ed substation. Silverstein also said 7WTC would be the safest buliding in the country when completed; Gothamist assumes that when and if Freedom Tower and the other bulidings are finished, they will be tied for safest buildings in the country.


Here's the LMDC's press release on the event, plus the "Master Site Plan" for the WTC site. The NY Times had a profile of Elio Cettina, the man who led the building of 7 WTC for Tishman Construction originally and is heading it up again this time around. And a study says that design flaws in the Twin Towers may not have caused them to fall - it was more the extraordinary combination of circumstances (plane traveling at such a speed, the heat from the fire).

Photograph of beam from Reuters; photograph of Mayor Bloomberg and larry Silverstein from AP