What if you could get to the promised land of New Jersey without ever leaving the convenient confines of the NYC Transit system? Such a revolutionary transit transformation could encourage thousands of Jersey residents to leave their cars at home, while enticing more New Yorkers across the Hudson in search of cheaper rent and "alt scenes." The Bloomberg administration is currently floating a plan to extend the 7 train as far as Secaucus, which means the 7 would be the new L, and Weehawken should probably brace for a wave of Prohibition-era cocktail lounges.

The 7 train is currently being extended to 11th Avenue and 34th Street, near the Javits Center, so it makes eminent sense to just keep on truckin' to the Garden State. If this happens it would be the first time the subway has ventured beyond the five boroughs, and it could be the beginning of a great interstate adventure. The idea would be to take over the abandoned ARC tunnel project and, instead of using it for Amtrak and NJ Transit, to make it a subway tunnel. The estimated cost would be $5.3 billion—about half the cost of the original ARC plan, sources tells the Post.

"Like others, we’re looking at—and open to discussing—any creative, fiscally responsible alternatives," a spokesman for the city's Deputy Mayor for Economic Development tells NY1. "Extending the 7 line to New Jersey could address many of the region’s transportation capacity issues at a fraction of the original tunnel’s cost." But what does NYC Transit President Thomas Prendergast think about all this? "That's news to us," he told NY1 yesterday. "The regional plan association, they've talked about that for years, but we have no comment on that." Whatever, Secaucus is so over anyway! Passaic is where it's at.