2007_02_7shuttle.jpgWeekend #2 of 7 train follies continue over this three-day weekend. As if the lack of 7 service over most of the line isn't bad enough, the MTA gave riders some misleading information on Friday. The Daily News detailed the directions that someone at New York City Transit dreamed up:

Brochures placed in stations advised riders heading to Grand Central station today to take the E train to 53rd St./Lexington Ave. - and then an uptown No. 6 train to the historic hub. Grand Central is to the south, on 42nd St.

Posters placed in stations featured an abridged map showing the R train stopping at Grand Central. Not in this world.

R train to Grand Central? What have the sign makers at the MTA been smoking? The Daily News also has a handy graphic on how to get around with the 7 out of service for the weekend. The MTA has a brochure (.pdf file), which seems to be correct, that you can print out. Service on the 7 train resumes after the long weekend on Tuesday morning at 5. Weekend disruptions on the 7 continue until the end of March.

In other subway news, L train riders may have already noticed that the real-time train arrival displays are working now. The Times went into the subway to test the displays for themselves. Using a stopwatch to test the accuracy, they found that "the signs worked like a charm."

Top photo of a running 7 train AKinloch on flickr; photo of confusing handmade sign by joshbousel on flickr