Antoine Brown was an innocent bystander who got caught in a barrage of bullets fired by NYPD officers at two men fighting with a gun at a Harlem block party last year. One man was killed, while another, Angel Alvarez, survived with a whopping 27 gunshot wounds, most caused by the police. Alvarez filed his own $20 million lawsuit against the city last week, and now Brown is following suit with a $7 million claim against the city. According to the court filing obtained by the Daily News, the shootout left Brown, 22, with such severe psychological damage that he can barely leave his apartment.

"Because he is virtually confined to his apartment in the Bronx, (Brown) has had to give up on his dream of becoming a New York City school teacher," the lawsuit claims. Brown was not charged with any crime, and he appears to have been shot by accident; something that tends to happen when cops unload 46 bullets at a block party. Seven others were injured, but a grand jury declined to indict the four officers, who alleged that Alvarez fatally shot Luis Soto, 22, and then opened fire on police.

The same jury declined to indict Alvarez, believing his story that Soto pulled a gun on him during a fight. Alvarez claims he tried to wrestle the gun away, but the gun fired three times into him. In March, the Times reported that "according to Mr. Alvarez, bullets began flying from behind him. Initially, he said, he had assumed that friends of Mr. Soto were shooting at him, though he later learned that it was the police. Mr. Alvarez also said a police officer kicked him in the head and told him, 'You’re going to die.' " He added, 'It was like being hit with a machine gun... I have 27 holes in my body.' "

Another bystander sued the city last year, but the lawsuit hasn't been settled yet.