The MTA is confirming today that the $2.4 billion 7 Line Extension, which will bring the 7 train beyond its current terminus at Times Square 42nd Street to a new station at 34th Street and 11th Avenue, will be open by September 13, 2015. Now seems like an good time to reminisce about all the times the MTA got our hopes up on this matter.

In February 2012, the MTA was talking an opening date in "early 2014." Here's our own Jake Dobkin on the project, which had a lot of support from then-Mayor Bloomberg:

If the Bloomberg Administration gets its way, the new 7 station will form the nucleus of a completely new West Side neighborhood, filled with mixed use high-rise towers. They have such high hopes that they've actually forecasted growth out to 2035. The MTA says that at peak, 35,000 people an hour will be using the 34th Street station at that time.

How innocent we were! Even though Bloomberg got to ride along the freshly laid tracks back in December of 2013, by June of last year, the extension's completion had been pushed to February 2015. By December, we were staring down a less-specific "middle of" 2015. Back in March, we were assured that it would launch Summer 2015.

In June, the MTA teased us with a three-and-a-half minute video, depicting tower operators, train dispatchers, and train operators undergoing training to work at the new 34th Street-Hudson Yards station at 11th Avenue. And now, a mere week after we checked in on the rising towers at Hudson Yards (that luxury Bloombergian utopia that could conceivably bring 5000+ apartments-worth of straphangers to the area around 34th Street and 11th Avenue), we're looking at mid September, at the latest. Pinky swear.

The new station and accompanying extension were reportedly basically finished back in March, but have been held up by final testing of the fire alarms and communication systems.

Here's to passing underneath this shiny mosaic dome some time, eventually, in the future.