The latest annual report from a subway riders' advocacy group has resulted in news that will shock no 2 train rider: The 2 line is the worst. The Straphangers Campaign also deemed the 7 train the best line this year.

The Straphangers Campaign considers these factors—"the amount of scheduled service; the regularity of train arrivals; mechanical failures of subway cars; chance of getting a seat at the most congested point during rush hour; cleanliness of subway car floors and seats; and in-car announcements"—and then develops a rating on a $2.50 scale. So the 7 train received a $2.00 rating, while the 2 got a lousy $1.30:

The 7 ranked highest because it tied for best in the system on frequency of service — and also performed above average on three measures: delays caused by mechanical breakdowns; seat availability at the most crowded point during rush hour; and subway car cleanliness. The line did not get a higher rating because it performed below average on regularity of service and subway car announcements. The 7 runs between Times Square and Main Street Flushing in Queens...

...The 2 performed below average on three measures: regularity of service; delays caused by mechanical breakdowns; and seat availability during rush hour. The line did not get a lower rating as it tied for best in the system on subway car announcements and performed near average on subway car cleanliness and amount of scheduled service. The 2 operates between Brooklyn College in Brooklyn and Wakefield in the Bronx.

Let's look at what the other lines got:

7: $2.00 (PDF)
1: $1.80 (PDF)
E: $1.75 (PDF)
J/Z: $1.75 (PDF)
L: $1.75 (PDF)
6: $1.70 (PDF)
N: $1.60 (PDF)
R: $1.60 (PDF)
F: $1.55 (PDF)
3: $1.50 (PDF)
M: $1.50 (PDF)
4: $1.45 (PDF)
B: $1.40 (PDF)
D: $1.40 (PDF)
Q: $1.40 (PDF)
5: $1.35 (PDF)
A: $1.35 (PDF)
C: $1.35 (PDF)
2: $1.30 (PDF)

Also, the G is not rated (PDF) because there's no reliable crowding data.