A 65-year-old New Jersey man today was sentenced to a year in federal prison for molesting a sleeping woman on a flight to the States from Hong Kong. Between pissing skiers and groping geezers (not to mention the TSA) our skies really don't seem that friendly these days!

The incident in question happend last May when Berkeley Heights resident Ramesh Advani was flying back from Hong Kong. Noticing that this seat mate was asleep he reached under her blanket and began to molest her. And he would have gotten away with it too, if two passengers behind him hadn't noticed something was going on and started to kick her seat. The woman quickly woke up, went to the bathroom and alerted the flight crew. Advani was arrested by the feds (since the crime occurred under federal jurisdiction) when the plane landed at Newark.

Sadly this isn't even the only case of airplane fondling to make news this year. Who can forget the "Orthodox-Rabbi-who-groped-a-female-Israeli-army-officer-on-an-airplane story" that never seemed to end?