The police released surveillance video showing a 62-year-old woman being mugged in hopes someone will be able to identify the attacker. This past Monday morning around 6:40 a.m., Patricia McGowan was heading to Good Shepherd School in Marine Park, a Catholic school where she has worked for 43 years as a math and computer teacher, when a young man approached her.

As the Daily News describes, the mugger "punches the startled computer teacher in the face, knocking her through the gate and onto the ground. As she shields herself with her hands, the man snatches two bags and runs off. The video then shows McGowan..sitting stunned on the ground, holding her face." She was able to get up and go across the street to ask a neighbor to use a phone.

While McGowan was calling police, the thief came back and stole her 2000 Toyota Corolla, which the police later found. Colleagues say McGowan, who suffered swelling from the attack, is very shaken from the attack. Third grader Christopher Caputo said, "I think it's really horrible and it's a sin that this happened."

Police are asking for people with information to call Crimestoppers at 800-577 TIPS. Last year, a man beat and mugged 101-year-old and 85-year-old women, leading some angry people telling the cops, "You better catch him before we do" (the suspect was eventually caught).

Update: Police arrested 18-year-old Eric Ferguson in connection with the attack. Apparently he is wanted for other robberies.