High school seniors tend to stage elaborate pranks to commemorate their farewell/senioritis. Earlier this morning dozens of Teaneck High School seniors took the tradition to the next level and were ultimately arrested after "some urinated in hallways, smeared petroleum jelly on doors and flipped over desks." They also scrawled graffiti on the walls. And there were balloons everywhere.

Teaneck police arrived at the school when a burglary alarm was tripped after 2 a.m. today. Police Sgt. John Garland said, "I've been a police officer 19 years, and this is the craziest thing I've ever seen." According to the Bergen Record, "Police cleared each room and found students hiding. Some attempted to flee, but Garland said police found most of them... Some students were scared though others were 'laughing and joking among themselves' before they realized the severity of the situation, Garland said."

One senior told the Star-Ledger, "It's not as bad as everybody's making it seem right now. They cleaned it up in two hours."

NBC New York's Brynn Gingras Tweeted, "Teaneck Police confirm 62 teens arrested this AM. 24 adults; 38 juveniles. All HS seniors. Adults head to court; juveniles picked up at PD," and "Teaneck dad showed up to PD and told us this happens every year. Said, 'What's the big deal?' Kid wasn't involved."