Out of Facebook's 1 billion daily logins, 600,000 are hacked and compromised. Facebook used the British security firm Sophos for an analysis of their security breaches. Naturally, Facebook released a statement telling everyone how much they care about other people not finding out how much we love Nickelback, or that video of the guy doing the Dougie getting hit with an ice cream truck: "At Facebook, we take the privacy and safety of the people who use our site very seriously." They're also working 24/7 to ensure everyone’s information is safe and secure.”

Facebook is proposing a feature that lets users use passwords for applications on third party applications, but one user NAILS why this is just a terrible idea:

pls dnt do dis i agree its gud for security but evertym u login a long procedure will occur and complicated...

Hot damn, what CAN'T you do, Facebook? Another depressing factoid is the total amount of time spent on Facebook each month: 700 billion minutes. When you consider how horrifically awkward it is to put some pants on and talk to people outside, it's time well-spent. Of course, there will always be naysayers, like Christopher Nolan's brother, Jonathan, who wrote the story that Memento was based on and also wrote the scripts for The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises:

Raúl Castro, it took him 30 years to put together a security apparatus to answer one critically difficult and important question, which is, “What is a person’s social network?” The state could figure out who you were married to, who you sat next to at work. The exceptionally difficult question for them to answer was, “Who are your friends?” And that piece of knowledge was always a great — and this makes me sound like a tinfoil-hat-wearing revolutionary crackpot, but the truth is, I work in a town where less than 60 years ago, Congress decided we were a bunch of pinkos and dragged people who do what I do for a living in front of a Congressional subcommittee to testify and rat out their friends because of their informal social networks....And Zuckerberg tells us it shouldn’t be important. But it’s horseshit...If I worked for the fucking CIA, I’d be laughing my ass off.

Ha-ha that's crazy! Authorties don't look at Facebook!