A Connecticut man and his mother are being evicted from their apartment, and they say it is because of his weight. 25-year-old Joseph DiBenedetto weighs more than 600 pounds and has to wear an oxygen mask, but "he says he weighed even more when he and his mother, Debbie Verab, moved into the New Haven home four years ago." So now they are fighting the eviction.

Their landlord, Brian Boling, admits he wants the family (which also includes Verab's three-year-old grandson) out, but says it isn't about the weight. It is about the way they've damaged the apartment. "I've asked them to move a number of times," he says. "I don't want them as tenants."

Since DiBenedetto moved in with his mother, the apartment has rapidly deteriorated and the landlord has done little to fix it. A hole in the living room floor made by the DiBenedetto is still there, covered by a piece of plywood. The floor and walls by the tub are cracking and rotting. And nothing has been done about it. The landlord refuses to fix the issues, saying they are clearly the young man's fault.

Neighbors, however, sympathize with the man, who doesn't work, and his mother, who "can't [work] because I take care of him." Says Ana Melendez: "He's a sick guy, you saw him. He's 600 pounds and they do need help. They're a wonderful family."

Since the story of DiBenedetto and his mother's eviction broke in Connecticut earlier this week, however, things have started to look up. A weight loss center has "offered to put Joseph in a safe, medically supervised weight loss program to help him improve his help and mobility" as well as to help his mom find a job.

DiBenedetto, who became addicted to pain killers after a car accident, seems excited to give it a shot. "I would love it," he told reporters. "I really would like to do it. I appreciate it a lot."