If Mayor Bloomberg makes his mayoral legacy on banning smoking, shushing dogs, and making the U.S. government give N.Y. our fair share of money, Gothamist thinks that's okay (he's gonna do it anyway). The NY Times looked at Mayor Bloomberg's jockeying for more federal dollars, in the wake of his very public uninvitation of the Ohio congressman who voted against giving more money to NYC. Points to remember: (1) "New York State sends Washington about $15 billion more in taxes than it gets back in federal spending" which is similar to NJ, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Illinois and California, states that also give more than they get; (2) NY's representation in both houses of Senate is mostly Democrats, putting them in the minority party; and (3) the fact that NY is second to California in Republican donations - a Republican strategist, Rick Davis, sums up Republican sentiment by saying, "You hope [cash] will make the Republicans in Congress more sensitive to a city that they would normally disdain." It's so great that people who disdain NY will be here in two months! Or maybe they will simply look at NYC like cartoon characters imagine their friends to be suckling pigs or legs of chicken (or cans of Duff) when they are famished and hungry - NYC is a piece of meat. Oh, wait, NYC has awesome stripper and high class escorts - the Daily News looks at how that industry is gearing up for a windfall during those few days.

The Post has some of who will be on deck for the Convention: Bloomberg is only going to welcome the Convention to NY, and then it's turned over to more Republicany Republicans, Rudy, Arnold, John McCain, although some call Rudy, Arnold, and some others "Republicans In Name Only" because they may support gay rights or abortion, which makes Gothamist completely crazy because it's insane to think there is only one philosophy for each political party.


Also, last week, the Mayor and Police Commissioner revealed what streets will be closed when during the convention, emphasizing that the convention "will not be in session during rush hour" - the only day session is on Monday, which ends at 1pm. A factoid Gothamist appreciated was that "New York City gets 100,000 visitors a day and in August there are 150,000 less people making the daily commute into the City." Slant Point thinks the street closings aren't that bad, but you know how it goes: If you're trying to get somewhere fast or protest, the street closings suck, but if you plan to avoid that area all together, it's not so bad. And, yes, a place for the protest is still being negotiated.