Six teenagers were arrested early Sunday morning in connection to a violent mugging spree that left multiple PATH train riders bloody and bruised. Police say the teens rampaged through a PATH train bound for Hoboken around 1 a.m. on Sunday, robbing and assaulting three men and one woman. CBS 2 reports that one of the victims received eight stitches in his lip, while other victims suffered lacerations, bruises, and an eye injury.

Port Authority police were notified of the violence at approximately 1:20 a.m. and arrested the suspects at Hoboken Terminal shortly after the train arrived. Service was suspended along the line for about an hour as police searched for more suspects.

The teens, all males ranging in age from 15-17, were taken to the Hudson County Juvenile Detention Center and charged with robbery and gang assault. "Based on the account from the witnesses, the group acted in concert, assaulting and robbing victims on the train from Manhattan to Hoboken, and they were acting together," Port Authority Police spokesman Joseph Pentangelo told

Police believe more teens may have been involved in the muggings and Pentangelo says the investigation is ongoing; we'll update later if there are any more arrests.