A six-month-old baby died yesterday after receiving accidental overdose of antibiotics at a Brooklyn hospital yesterday. "We love this baby. Oh, my God. It's just so messed up. His life was over in a second. I just can't believe it," cousin and caretaker Jhora Akther told the News.

Baby Amaan Ahmmad had been brought in to the emergency room at Brookdale University Hospital on Friday morning for a fever—doctors determined he had the early symptoms of pneumonia. There were no hospital beds available though, so Amaan was hooked up to an IV drip in his stroller when a nurse administered a lethal dose of the antibiotic Zithromax. "He turned blue," Akther said. "Not even a second. The medicine went in, and he is finished."

Akther said Amaan was given 500 mg of the antibiotic; she was later told that the proper dosage was 80 mg. The baby immediately fell into a coma, and was on life support until yesterday. According to the baby's relatives, the nurse who issued the fatal dose has been fired. The hospital expressed their condolences to the the family, who are dealing with their grief currently, but may sue: "Someone's mistake took him away," Akther said. "I can't accept that. In America, that's unacceptable."