Just after midnight, a fire broke out in a Bronx store on White Plains Road near 236th Street and the fire quickly spread to surrounding businesses. The fire grew to six alarms (see explanation here), and over 200 firefighters from six companies were on the scene to fight the blaze. At least a dozen firefighters were injured

According to WABC 7, the fire started at a record store and then hit "a nail salon, a church, an accounting office and several other stores." Some firefighters were in the record store as the "roof started to sag, forcing everyone out." Chief Edward Kilduff said they needed to act fast, "The roof collapsed into the building. This causes the fire to be buried under the roof, so it's very difficult to penetrate."

Between 20 and 30 residents were evacuated while subway service was suspended near the fire. The FDNY is investigating the fire's cause.