Another day, another story of censorship by a New York City public school principal—and this one is about a hot button issue, not a pop song. According to Queens fifth-grader Kameron Slade, a speech he wrote about same-sex marriage was deemed inappropriate by the principal of his school, PS 195.

"I was really looking forward to it," Kameron told NY1 of the chance to read his speech to his whole school. "I thought that this was a real good winning speech for tomorrow." And it y'know what? It is a winning speech. Though it may have been deemed too risque for kids—despite discussing that very idea—you can watch the whole adorable thing right here. It's good!

Slade wrote the speech with his mom after he won a class competition and was supposed to read it to his school this week. But on Wednesday his principal reportedly said "he should write another speech or be removed from the contest." Apparently the topic of gay marriage, which is hard to avoid in the real world these days, was too much for the innocent children of Queens. And some parents at the school seem to agree: "I think they are a little too young to hear about this," one told the news channel.

Apparently the Department of Education is rethinking the decision, though. A rep "told NY1 Thursday night that Kameron will be permitted to give the speech Monday in some sort of a different assembly." We've reached out to PS 195 for comment on the disturbing decision but have yet to hear back. Meanwhile, on the bright side, Slade's speech now has a chance to reach a far-wider audience. Did we mention the whole speech is available for you to watch here?