Once again, an alleged cocaine smuggler has soiled delicious food with surreptitious blow. Authorities say a woman flying from Mexico City was arrested at JFK last week with 3.3 lbs of cocaine stashed in sauce containers.

According to U. S. Customs & Border Protection, Reynalda Leal Ricando was arrested on September 22nd after arriving at JFK on a flight from Mexico City. Officials say they inspected her luggage for agricultural food items and found a "tar like mass" inside plastic sauce containers.

That mass, stashed in two containers, turned out to be cocaine—totaling 3.3 lbs and worth about $58,000—and Ricando now faces drug-smuggling charges. Sauce now joins the long list of other clever (but not clever enough!) preferred drug mule foods, which include cookies, bags of powdered custard, goat meat and coconut milk.