Colbert-approved Linsanity shows no sign of abating! Yesterday a Lintroduction to Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin was auctioned off for $5,700 to 32-year-old Manhattanite Andrew Arnold (who, we're told, read about the auction on Gothamist!) so now the Garden of Dreams foundation is doing another auction, and this one includes an awesome bonus! But it won't come cheap.

Not only can a well-financed fan now bid on four tickets to the February 22nd game between the Knicks and the Hawks that comes with a meet and greet with Lin (possibly with an elaborate handshake?) but the winner will also get Lin's autographed "game-worn jersey from his win against the Lakers." The only catch? If the last Lin auction surprised organizers when it went over $5k, they are going to be gobsmacked when this one is over. With lots of time before the auction closes on Tuesday, February 22, the charity auction has already hit $6,500. Damn!

So...maybe you'd rather settle for a $1,200 lunch with John Starks before the game on Sunday?

Finally, just in case you'd been wondering when the next Lin Knicks game is, there is now a single-serving site for that.