News flash: Most New Yorkers don't want to share their turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, and, mmm, stuffing with Mayor Bloomberg. A poll from Quinnipiac found that 56% of New Yorkers wouldn't invite the second richest man in NYC to Thanksgiving dinner, while only 42% would. This is probably because Bloomberg would take your salt and tell you how many calories you're consuming—total gluttony buzzkill!

Quinnipiac breaks down the numbers—49% of Repubicans wouldn't want him over, whereas the number is 57% for Democrats; 51% of whites, 62% of blacks, and 60% of HIpsanics don't want a mayoral guest tomorrow either. As the Daily Politics puts it, "Ask A Stupid Question, Get An Interesting Answer," because, "New Yorkers seem to like how Bloomberg runs the city, despite the social snub: The mayor's job approval rating is 13 points higher, at 55%. So if the mayor's self-image is of a guy who knows how to run the city and doesn't care if it makes him popular, well, he's right. Because he's certainly come back from unpopularity before."