2008_04_counterfeit.jpgThe police raided a Flushing warehouse and found $4.5 million worth of counterfeit goods. NY1 reported there were 50,000 pairs of sneakers, about 40,000 fake purses, and thousands of articles of clothing.

The items' street value was $4.5 million, but if they were the authentic Nike sneakers or Chanel bags, the retail price would be closer to $16 million. The items, made in China, were apparently just about to head out to streets. It's believed it's one of the biggest counterfeit good busts ever, and it took eight tractor-trailers to haul everything away.

Last month, the city raided 32 stores in Chinatown's Counterfeit Triangle. Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly emphasized that counterfeit goods cheat not only legitimate business owners, but also encourage atrocious black market practices.