50homes.jpgEarlier this year it was reported that 50 Cent wanted his ex-girlfriend, Shaniqua Tompkins, and their son out of his Dix Hills, Long Island home (a wish he had enforced by a judge). While 50 didn't live there, the deed is in his name, and he pays Tompkins $6,700 a month, including cash for her to find a new home for their son and her boyfriend (who has been living under the rapper's roof).

Now the The NY Post is reporting that the $1.5M home burned to the ground early this morning; Tompkins was still living there with her son, and reportedly six people were taken to the hospital with non-serious injuries. Newsday reports that "Tompkins was standing outside the home barefoot as it burned, wearing a bathrobe. Two young boys, one of them Marquise, two teenage girls and an older woman" were next to her.

Arson squad investigators were on the scene, and one fire official noted "there is a strong -- a strong, strong -- possibility that it is suspicious."

Presumably Tompkins was still living there as she filed a lawsuit last month against the rapper for breach of contract, having claimed he said the house was hers.

UPDATE:TMZ got their hands on a video of a fight between 50 and his ex that took place on the street yesterday before the fire, and after a deposition.

Photos of 50 Cent's Dix Hills home via Newsday.