2008_07_50cen.jpgNewsday reports on the latest 50 Cent drama; the rapper was back in court today fighting to see his son, Marquise. A judge ordered he couldn't do so last month as the boy's mother Shaniqua Tompkins has been concerned for his safety (Tompkins publicly accused her ex of trying to kill them both by setting the house they were living in on fire earlier this year). Her lawyer said, "She wants Marquise to have access with his father, but with safety precautions in place." Apparently Family Court Judge David will now consider how to proceed with both the protective order he granted for Tompkins last month and a petition to enforce Jackson's visitation rights. The two are also currently suing each other -- 50 Cent has a $20 million defamation lawsuit against her for accusing him of arson, while Tompkins wants $50 million for helping him "attain his stature" before becoming famous.