After claims that his G-Unit associate Tony Yayo beat up the son of a rival music management company for him, 50 Cent is talking. Well, his lawyer is talking. Benjamin Brafman, familiar for having defended P. Diddy and DJ Star, fired off a few words at the child's lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman.

Lichtman - and the 14-year-old's mother - claimed that 50 urged his crew to beat up the boy because of a fight with his father, Jimmy "The Hechman" Rosemond who runs Czar Entertainment. From the Post:

"I am outraged, as is my client, by the statement from Jeffrey Lichtman...," said 50's lawyer, Benjamin Brafman.

"We can prove beyond question that 50 was not even in New York state at the time of the incident. And unless there is a complete retraction and apology from Mr. Lichtman, it is our intention to sue him for defamation."

"I retract nothing," struck back Lichtman.

"I believe, in good faith that the statement about 50 Cent's involvement . . . is credible and accurate and will be fully vindicated at trial," he said. "If Brafman and his client want to sue me, I say bring it on."

You know, we prefer it when 50 Cent's scrapes with the law involve driving without a license, so if the lawyers want to get embroiled in some war of the words, that's fine by us.

Rosemond manages the career of 50's rival, The Game - and we all remember that 2005 shootout outside Hot 97. Rosemond was also allowed to distribute a DVD, The Infamous Times - Volume 1: The Original 50 Cent (about a Brooklyn criminal), that 50 Cent tried to stop from being sold for a number of reasons.