A little girl left alone at the Port Authority Bus Terminal yesterday morning worried good Samaritans who took her to a police station. Authorities subsequently discovered that the five-year-old's mother had been killed in a Connecticut apartment.

The girl, who was found before 10 a.m., allegedly said that her father, Elmer Gomez Ruono, 32, left her at the station, and Stamford police said that surveillance video shows them entering the station from a bus.

The child's parents had recently separated and the girl and her mother had moved from Flemington, NJ to Stamford, according to NBC New York: "Police said there were a few friends and family over the small one-bedroom apartment Sunday night and that there was some sort of domestic dispute after guests left the party, and that's when [the mother] was killed."

WABC 7 reports that, according to sources, "the girl did not appear harmed or traumatized, but they believe she may have been witnessed some of the crime."

It appears the girl's mother, a 30-year-old Guatemalan national, died in a struggle.

Stamford police caption Richard Conklin said, "We know very, very little because they only moved here within the last day or two from New Jersey. We are struggling to come up to speed on this very rapidly."

Police are seeking Ruono.