2006_06_subwaytracks.jpgFor some reason, people are compelled to pee in subway station. They must really have to go, but it's just gross and horrible for everyone else - the ammonia smell lingering for people on stuffy, humid subway platforms to endure. So we hope that this terrible story about a man whose hand got totally mangled by an oncoming train will be a lesson to all. A man sneaked down the subway tunnel at City Hall Station to pee on the tracks, but, as the NY Sun describes, when he "swung around to return up the stairs in a section of the tunnel just south of the station, his hand was caught under a fast-moving no. 5 train." Aiyee. And that's why 4, 5, and 6 trains had delays. The rescue crews used air cushions to lift the train up to release the man, whose hand was partially severed (but it won't have to be amputated). The police added that the man was not an employee of NYC Transit, so he had no real reason to be on the tracks, but they are waiting for him to recover before questioning him.