Oh, 42nd Street. The Deuce. The crossroads of the world. And so on, and so on.

Few American thoroughfares have had such well recorded highs and lows as West 42nd Street between 6th and 8th. Though at this point it can be hard to remember for many people, the 42nd Street that currently attracts tourists from the world over (the "New 42nd Street") was not always quite so shiny. Where now there are flocks are visitors on the Deuce, for a while there was a very different population roaming the area.

Do you miss the bad old days of the seedy Times Square? Never got to experience it for yourself and not really sure what the nostalgia (or lack thereof) is all about? Might we recommend you go check out Forgotten-NY's new look at the lost 42nd Street? Seriously, it's worth checking out (especially for the great photos Kevin has littered the page with by the likes of Matt Weber).

And cause we're curious what you think, will 42nd Street ever fall back to its old ways?

"The Unknown Soldier"; 1988 by Matt Weber.