A pediatric nurse at NYU Langone Medical Center is suing the school because she says her medical records were not kept private. But it seems that things were even more awkward than that for pediatric nurse Kristen Haight—who was allegedly better known to the doctors and secretaries of the medical center as the "41-year-old virgin."

In her lawsuit, Haight claims that everyone in the office gossiped about her lack of a love life. In particular, she claims that pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Jeffrey Wisoff repeatedly referenced “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” movie, and reassured her that sex is “like petting something furry for the first time.”

Then in 2007, Haight began having health problems, including endometriosis, a condition where uterine cells grow outside a woman’s uterus. Haight claims she begged staffers at NYU to keep her medical records private, but the office soon knew of her condition, and still tried to pressure her into having sex. She claims that supervisors allegedly ordered her to take sick leave, and eventually fired her, although it's not clear why they fired her. Maybe it was because she was always talking about how she's a yo-yo master?