2005_09_creation.jpgThe mayoral race is getting uglier, with both Mayor Michael Bloomberg's and Fernando Ferrer's camps going negative. The NY Times says both parties "turned to Hispanic allies to trade fire on education issues". Well, if your friends can't fight your fights for you, then why have friends at all? In the meantime, the Mayor is trying to close the deal on contracts with the teachers and corrections officers, because lingering long drawn out contract battles are not good during the election year. However, Ferrer would be right to note that it's been three years without a contract for the teachers. Anyway, Bloomberg's reelection team trolled Ferrer's campaign blog to find some ammo; as The Politicker notes, "Campaign blogs are, it's increasingly clear, generally a bad idea. Mostly because nobody reads them -- except your opponent's researchers." And Lord knows Bloomberg has enough of them.

The Village Voice has a suggested speech for Mayor Bloomberg (last week, there was a suggested speech for Ferrer). And the Mayor made fun of Ferrer for saying God was on his side, telling reporters, "I don't know that God makes political endorsements. I've never heard God do that." Translation: God is on my payroll, sucka. And Ferrrer didn't get a post-primary bounce.