David PullmanIt's not a good time for David Pullman. His creation, the David Bowie Bond, faces a downgrade. And he was finally kicked out of his apartment at 40 West 67th Street, after a protracted fight with his neighbors and co-op board. The Times examines what happened at the Upper West Side prewar: Pullman felt his neighbors were too noisy and from that, it seems Pullman freaked out. He accused them of running an illegal book binding business, being anti-Semitists, playing music too loudly, and physically assaulting him. Gothamist loves this line: "That his alleged attacker was nearly 30 years his elder is irrelevant, Mr. Pullman said; Sean Connery, he said, is in his 70's."

The Observer had a piece about the Pullman affair practically exactly one year ago, as he hoped the decision to kick him out would be in Court of Appeals limbo. But the Court of Appeal ruled last month that he must leave.

David Pullman was called an innovator by Time, but Gothamist is just hoping he doesn't move into our building. Final note, just because Gothamist wears black, it doesn't mean we're fans of Adolf Hitler. We just think it's slimming.