A little girl on a sidewalk was killed by a driver outside a Brooklyn laundromat on Sunday afternoon. Police say the four-year-old child, Luz Gonzalez, was putting her shoe back on after it had fallen off, when the driver in an SUV struck her.

The tragedy occurred at the Clean City Laundry at the corner of Wyckoff Avenue and Hart Street in Bushwick just before 4:30 p.m. Police say that officers responding to the scene found a 39-year-old woman with lacerations to her left leg and a four-year-old girl with severe trauma to her chest and torso. Both were taken to Wyckoff Hospital, where the child was pronounced dead. The mother is in stable condition.

According to the NYPD's investigation, the girl had stopped to tie her shoe when she was struck. WCBS 2 reports that she had been riding her scooter when her shoe fell off: "Her mother bent down to put it back as police say a woman driving a black SUV was backing out of a laundromat parking spot and didn’t see the child or her mother and hit both of them before driving off."

The driver, in a 2018 Nissan Rogue, struck them with her front passenger side's bumper and drove over the girl with both passenger side tires. The driver continued west on Hart Street and was eventually stopped on Hart between Irving Avenue and Knickerbocker Avenue.

The victim's mother, Reyna Candia, told the Daily News, "[Luz] told me, 'Mommy I lost my shoe.' She went back and grabbed the shoe, and I sat down with her to put (it) on, on the sidewalk."

Laundromat customers have reportedly complained in the past "about the layout of the parking lot that essentially has cars driving onto the sidewalk where people are also trying to walk" and that there's no actual driveway from the street to the parking area.

The driver was not charged and was released after questioning. The NYPD says its investigation is ongoing. Candia doesn't believe that the driver didn't see them on the sidewalk, "I want her to pay. The person who did this, she has to pay."