Yesterday afternoon, a 4-year-old fell two stories after falling down an Upper East Side commercial building's freight elevator shaft. The Daily News reports "her stroller tipped over as her mom pushed it into the lift, officials said," while MyFoxNY says there was a 10-inch gap that the girl fell through while she was pushing a toy stroller.

The girl, who was crying when emergency responders arrived at 435 East 83rd Street, was taken to NewYork Presbyterian Hospital. Her injuries were described a minor and a fire official told the Times they were surprised she didn't suffer more injuries (it was a 25 foot fall).

Neighbors say there are photo and film shoots in the building. One appeared to have been taking place and a neighbor thought the girl, who was wearing a long white gown, may have been a part of it, "I assumed she was from the set... There were a lot of people dressed more formally, and from what looked like a film set, standing around her." The Department of Buildings issued a complaint to the building's owners, Linda and Steve Horn.