A 4-year-old boy was struck and killed by a minivan last night in the Bronx after he ran into the road in front of his house. According to police the minivan was traveling north on Topping Avenue when it hit Ebrahim Kebe. "I was sitting on the steps, he was playing with the other kids. He went to cross the street and the car was coming fast," Kebe's 26-year-old sister told the Daily News. "I couldn't get up. I’m 39 weeks pregnant…I couldn’t do anything." Kebe was pronounced dead at Bronx Lebanon Hospital, and the driver remained at the scene. Police say there is no criminality suspected.

According to DNAinfo, Kebe lived with his extended West African family at 1757 Topping Avenue. "I heard people screaming outside and I saw the boy," said Kebe's aunt, Fante Soumare. "He was laying on the floor. I grabbed him and laid him on my legs. He was bleeding out of his nose and mouth. He was gasping."

Ebrahim Kebe (Family of Ebrahim Kebe / DNAinfo)

Topping Avenue is next to the Cross Bronx Expressway, and neighbors said that motorists often speed on the quiet, residential street. "When the block seems empty people think they can speed through here," one resident said. Police maintain that the driver (who was photographed by the Daily News) was not speeding, but the investigation is ongoing. Kebe's older brother, Mohamed Mouctar Kebe, disputed authorities' claims that the driver wasn't speeding. "They're going to say it was an accident," he told NY1. "People that was sitting here, they was watching. The police wasn't watching."

Though Hayley and Diego's law (VTL 1146) allows motorists to be charged if they do not exercise "due care," a police officer must witness the incident. The maximum penalty under VTL 1146 is a $500 fine and 15 days in jail.