[Updated] A four-year-old girl who had been reported missing by the police was actually safe with a babysitter all along.

Earlier on Wednesday, the authorities said the girl was last seen at the 59th Street-Lexington Avenue station around 8:30 a.m. According to WCBS 2, "The child’s mother was getting off at the station and when she turned around, the child was missing. It’s unclear if the child was still on the train or went missing on the platform."

A police spokesperson now says that the mother had dropped off the girl with a babysitter in the morning and then went to work, and, somewhere along the way, thought her daughter went missing at the station.

The Daily News reports, "Cops investigating met up with the mom and took her to her apartment. There, she refused to allow them entry to the apartment. Cops heard a noise inside and forced their way in. They found the mom’s 12-year-old son inside eating chicken on a bed. City students are off school for Yom Kippur."

The woman was not charged with a crime because, the NYPD spokesperson said, "there was no crime." WCBS 2 says she was taken to a hospital.