A worker for a Queens daycare center was a little daycareless Friday when she left a four-year-old girl behind on a 42nd Street subway platform. Jailyn Howard and her twin sister were part of a group of children on a field trip to Manhattan, supervised by a lone employee of the Whitney Foundation, a daycare center run out of a house in Jamaica, Queens. According to one account, the worker, Roxanne Jack, was distracted by a fight between two of the children while herding them on board. But Jailyn's cousin, who was also on the field trip, tells CBS2 that Jack was preoccupied and rushing: "She was telling us to hurry up, hurry up. Because she has to be somewhere... All of a sudden she knows Jailyn is missing and she started just panicking." Fortunately, Jack and the kids got off at the next stop and came back to 42nd Street to find Jailyn in the care of police. CBS2 reports that the Whitney Foundation does not seem to be a licensed daycare center and "if that is the case," mom Janel Howard says her kids won't return there. Because it's okay to be negligent as long as you have a license!