2007_02_hummerhit.jpgA 4 year old boy walking home from day care with his aunt was hit by a Hummer yesterday afternoon at Third Avenue and Baltic Street in Brooklyn. James Jacaricce died at Methodist Hospital; his aunt Ta-Nayin St. John had a shoulder injury. The incident was not a hit-and-run - the driver stayed, gave a Breathalyzer, and was found sober.

Both the driver, Ken Williams, and St. John and Jacaricce had the green light, and Williams hit them when he was turning onto Baltic from Third. However, Williams was driving a Hummer, and a police source told the Daily News, "The guy didn't realize he hit them because the vehicle rides very high." Why anyone needs to be driving such a huge SUV, we have no idea. Williams, who witnesses says was sobbing over the accident, was given a ticket for failing to yield to pedestrians.

The Daily News also notes that an iPod belonging to St. John was also found at the scene: "However, it was unclear if she had been listening to the music player at the time she and her nephew were hit." Kruger, take note: Fine people for driving oversized cars and SUVs before fining iPod usage.