Add four more victims to this year's murder tally, which totaled 450 at the end of last month, up 15% from last year. Shortly before 11 p.m. Saturday, 27-year-old Matthew Gray was shot in the head in a driveway in Cambria Heights, a neighborhood in Queens near the Nassau border. Witnesses told police "they heard an argument about money followed by the sound of shots," the Wall Street Journal reports. No arrests have been made, and the carnage continued later that night in Coney Island.

Police say Tyquell Walker,18, was the unintended victim of a shooting at a party gone bad inside the Surfside Houses. According to investigators, an argument culminated with a man waving a gun around telling everyone to get back as he moved toward the elevator. As the doors began to close, he fired, hitting Walker; the bullet entered his chest cavity, and he died at Coney Island Hospital. "He tried to do his best but how can you get away from it?" Walker's grandmother asks the Daily News. "He was trapped in the 'hood as they say." No arrests have been made.

About 15 minutes earlier, 19-year-old Derron Clarke was shot and killed in East Flatbush. Police say Clarke had six sealed arrests; his mother says he earned a GED in 2008 and had been looking for a job. After the murder, "there was a large blood stain on the sidewalk next to his Yankees cap," the News reports. No arrests have been made. And yesterday afternoon, 27-year-old William Robles was fatally shot by an unknown assailant in front of a building on Prospect Avenue in the Morrisania section. If you guessed that "no arrests have been made," you'd be correct.

And then there was the unfortunate case of the unnamed food deliveryman who was dragged out of his car and beaten by guests at a baby shower in Ozone Park Saturday night. Police believe that the altercation was sparked by a deliveryman honking his horn because party-goers had parked three deep and he couldn't get by. "After he honked his horn, between five and 10 men rushed his car and pulled him out, and one of them stuck a knife in his right side," the Post reports. He's listed in stable condition at Jamaica Hospital, and according to the tabloid "balloons announcing the baby shower were still tied to the mailbox in front of the house yesterday."