Looks like all that security from the presidential debate didn't trickle over to Hofstra's dorms: four basketball players have been charged with burglary for stealing laptops, iPads and other pricey items from students' rooms. The players—sophomore Shaquille Stokes and freshmen Kentrell Washington, Dallas Anglin and Jimmy Hall Jr.—were arrested this week after a student tracked down her missing iPad using Find My iPad (seriously thieves, will you ever learn?).

Cops say they stole over $10,000 worth of other merchandise from six rooms this academic year, including three MacBooks, another iPad and an iPod touch. They say many of the items were sold on Craigslist, and they expect more students to report missing items now that the ring has come to light. They also allege the players used their varsity star power to gain access to the loot, even distracting one girl before taking her laptop by offering to have group sex with her and the team (according to court docs, she declined that offer).

"They're prominent figures on campus, being athletes," Nassau Police Det. Lt. Ray Coté told Newsday. "And because of their social status they would have access to dorm rooms, and they would get into areas, visiting one person perhaps, and while in that area access a room that was unoccupied and take items." And like all knowledgeable burglars these days, the players allegedly had a preference for Apple products: cops say one player told them they became angry when they discovered a Sony laptop they stole "wasn't a Macbook."

All four players have since been suspended from school and from the struggling 3-4 team and pled not-guilty in court yesterday. According to a University statement: "Our first priority is to ensure that our campus is safe and secure, and that our entire community understands that criminal activities of any type will not be tolerated."