4hClassic: Teenage 4-H camp counselors supposedly forced their young charges to fight each other: "Investigators are looking into the possibility the camp counselors exploited a rivalry between the Bedford and Halifax 4-H clubs, staging the fights in one of the camp's nine lodges...counselors allegedly charged children $1 to watch the fights, and more than 50 campers attended some of the fights." Parents were suspicious when kids starting coming home with black eyes and broken hands, and maybe even saying "The counselors are making us fight each other." Ha - the 4-H stands for Head, Heart, Hands, and Health - all four were being used in the fights, the counselors might argue. As if parents don't have enough to worry about, with child molestation at camps.

Kids fighting kids matchups we'd like to see:
- That weird youngest brother from Malcolm in the Middle vs. Haley Joel Osment
- Bobby Brady vs. Cindy Brady
- Rudy Huxtable vs. Bud/Kenny
- Vickie, the robot from Small Wonder, vs. Jamie, her "human" brother...Vickie has robotic strength, but Jamie was getting pretty thick there...

Gothamist was reminded of a NBC TV movie from 1985, Poison Ivy with Michael J. Fox and Nancy McKeon as camp counselors who hate each other and fall in love, and they each have bizarre misfit campers. But Fight Club you can actually get on DVD.

[Via the fantastically named post: "The first rule of Junior Fight Club is don't tell your mom" from machaus at Metafilter]