Well, it was a matter of time. Sherry and Niso Benbasat who live at 30 East 62nd Street have sued Dr. Nichlas Bartha for (allegedly) blowing up his townhouse at 34 East 62nd Street. The Benbasats, who have a son, haven't been able to return to their 6th floor apartment at the Cumberland House, and their lawyers say the explosion drove "glass missiles" and smoke into their home. And also named in the lawsuit: Con Ed, for "reckless, careless and neligent" behavior. Gothamist expects more lawsuits to emerge in the coming months - especially when fire officials make an ultimate declaration of what caused the explosion. At this point, it's widely believed Bartha tampered with a gas line and blew up the house in a suicide attempt during an extremely acrimonious divorce settlement.

Photograph of the clean-up from edEx on Flickr