2006_04_subwatches.jpgTime is but a concept to the MTA, as construction to the 4 and 5 Lexington Avenue lines began yesterday, and the MTA said everything, in spite of the anticipated delays, was "running smoothly." There should be two months of delays, but considering that the last time the MTA worked on the line was 1957, we're not holding our breath. Some riders they couldn't tell there were delays or more crowded trains (there will be less trains during peak commuting hours), but Gothamist most enjoyed how one platform conductor explained the situation to AM New York: "It's like a conga line. As soon a train leaves 86th Street it creates a conga line of trains," what with trains waiting for other trains to clear. The Lexington Avenue line is the most congested in the system (it is the only East Side access train) -- keep dreaming about the Second Avenue Subway, will you?

Did you take the 4 or 5 train and have to wait more than 10 minutes? And the MTA wants A/C riders to avoid transferring at Fulton Street, because of the Lexington Avenue mess.