Yesterday afternoon, 175 firefighters battled a four-alarm fire raging in an apartment building at 1882 Grand Concourse in the Bronx. And it appears the blaze, which spread to four floors, was caused by one resident's holiday baking project. A neighbor said, "A woman was making some cookies and she went downstairs and left them in the oven The oven exploded and there was smoke all over."

Several people had minor injuries, and the FDNY decided the building was unsafe, forcing dozens of residents to evacuate and seek shelter with the Red Cross. Fire Department Chief Joseph Saccente sid, "We had a major fire on 7B, seventh floor. Two floors of fire [were] heavily blown by wind, making it into a blowtorch proportion."

One resident said, "My tree got burned, my whole apartment's messed up. The ceiling, there's water coming down...Everything is really nasty."