Some pessimistic news out of the Sienna College Research Institute: according to a new poll (below) 41% of New Yorkers say quality of life in the state has gotten worse over the past ten years, and 39% say it's stayed the same. Just 19% said it got better, and 35% say life will get worse in the next ten years. So what are their biggest gripes?

Though many say that broadband Internet access, access to clean drinking water and civil rights have gotten better in the state, 45% say there has been no improvement in making sure taxes are affordable. Another 18% said affordable taxes would "move a great deal backwards" in the next ten years. SRI director Dr. Don Levy said, "Despite a majority expecting at least some improvement in many areas only about three of every ten New Yorkers, more in New York City and fewer in the suburbs or especially upstate, predict the quality of life for most people they know will improve when we reach the winter of 2021." Well, we are always cranky.