The big New York magazine feature involving interviews with 35 of the 46 women who say Bill Cosby sexual assaulted them is offline for now, possibly due to an NYC-hating hacker, but you can still read much of it here. In the feature, Cosby's accusers reveal in often graphic detail how the legendary comedian preyed upon them in strikingly similar ways. Update: You can read the feature on Tumblr.

The victims say Cosby would meet with them, under the guise of furthering their acting careers, and then slip them drugs. They would then would wake up in a stupor to find him raping them or discover, as supermodel Janice Dickinson wrenchingly described, semen dripping from her vagina and rectum. Helen Thomas's agent set her up with Cosby, who claimed to be interested "in mentoring promising young talent." Thomas says he made her rehearse a scene that required her to drink wine: "I really don’t remember much, except waking up in his bedroom. He was naked, and he was forcing himself into my mouth."

The women also lament how it took Hannibal Burress's stand-up mention of Cosby's sexual assault allegations for people to believe them. Victoria Valentino told New York, "I went online one morning, just to check my email. The Yahoo page came up, and there was something about Cosby, this thing with Hannibal Buress. And all of a sudden, something just hit me. Anger. Son of a bitch! You know, a woman can be not believed for 30 years. But it takes one man? To make a joke about it? That fucking pissed me off so bad. Suddenly I’m thinking, Who do I contact?"

Lawyer Tamara Green had gone public with her story in 2005, after Andrea Constand claimed that Cosby assaulted her. Green said at the time in an interview with the Today Show:

I heard that there had been a sexual assault, and that by itself didn't prompt me to come forward, but then I heard that this woman had been given pills, was in a position of trust and friendship with this man, and that behind the pills he took her clothes off and groped her and what have you. I thought, you know, after all these years, it's the same M.O. The same old story, and I still didn't come forward.

But when I heard it reported that the district attorney had said that the story was weak, that she had not come forward in a timely fashion, that was for me them saying that they were not going to file the case. That they didn’t believe her. It was at that time I decided that if there were only two us, one a long time ago and one right now, then that's two too many.

New York

has posted excerpts of some interviews on its Instagram page; there are six videos all together:

Victoria Valentino, 72, a former Playboy bunny, was allegedly assaulted by Bill Cosby in 1969. Valentino was dining with her roommate at their usual joint, Café Figaro, where Cosby happened to be part owner. He knew that Valentino’s 6-year-old son had recently died, and he told Valentino’s friend that he thought she could use some cheering up. "He took my roommate and me out to dinner. It was this new hip steak restaurant on the strip near the Whiskey a Go Go called Sneaky Pete’s. He was chatting her up and trying to charm her. And he reached across and put a pill next to my wine glass and said, ‘Here, this will make you feel better,’ and he gave her one. I wasn’t really thinking. I thought, Great, me feel better? You bet. So I took the pill and washed it down with some red wine. And then he reached across and put another pill in my mouth and gave her one. Just after I took the second pill, my face was, like, face-in-plate syndrome, and I just said, ‘I wanna go home.’ He said he would drive us home. We went up this elevator. I sat down, and lay my head back, just fighting nausea. I looked around and he was sitting next to my roommate on the loveseat with this very predatory look on his face. She was completely unconscious. I could hear the words in my head, but I couldn’t form words with my mouth, because I was so drugged out." Tap the photo to hear Victoria Valentino tell her story, and watch her video interview at

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Louisa Moritz, 68, an actress, was allegedly assaulted by Bill Cosby in 1971. Moritz was getting ready to appear on the 'Tonight Show' when someone opened the door of her dressing room. “He never knocked. I knew it was Mr. Cosby. I'd seen his picture. He walked in and closed the door behind him. It went on for maybe four minutes, five minutes. But it was the longest five minutes that I ever experienced. And when they called my name, he ran out. When he walked down the stage, he introduced himself as Louisa Moritz. And then a huge laugh. When they called me to go onstage, I was a zombie. He didn't look at me while we were on the show. I didn't look at him. I just felt him. I was afraid to tell anybody. I knew who Mr. Cosby was and that prevented me from telling anybody. I felt ashamed. I was embarrassed to be me." Tap the photo to hear Louisa Moritz tell her story, and watch her video interview at

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Joyce Emmons, 70, was allegedly assaulted by Bill Cosby circa 1979. Emmons managed a comedy club and became friends with Cosby. They had known each other for about two-and-a-half years when Emmons and her friend went out to a club with Cosby and one of his friends. “I had a terrible headache, and I said, ‘Bill, do you have some Tylenol? I have a mother of a headache.’ And he said to me, ‘I have something stronger.’ And I said, ‘You know I don’t do drugs.’ He said, ‘You’re one of my best friends. Would I hurt you?’ And I believed him. All I remember is taking the pill; I don’t remember going to bed. But I do remember waking up in a fog and opening my eyes, and I had no clothes on, and there was Bill’s friend totally naked in bed with me. I said, ‘What the F did you give me?’ He said, ‘Oh, you had a bad headache, you were in so much pain. I gave you a quaalude.’ I was hurt with Bill more than angry at his friend. Bill let him take advantage of me. That kills me. That’s why I know the stories of what he did to the other women are true, because if he didn’t have the respect for me, who was really a close friend, then he could do that to anybody he didn’t know very well.” Tap the photo to hear Joyce Emmons tell her story, and watch her video interview at

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Last week, the NY Times released details from the deposition Cosby gave in 2005, before he eventually settled with Constand. In it, Cosby claimed, "I think I’m a pretty decent reader of people and their emotions in these romantic sexual things, whatever you want to call them." Spelman College has now terminated a professorship for Cosby. Today, the Daily News's front page calls Cosby "America's Rapist."

Cosby has also failed to get a lawsuit accusing him of assaulting a 15-year-old girl, Judy Huth, at the Playboy Mansion dismissed. Huth's lawyer, Gloria Allred, who is representing many other victims, said, "We are looking forward to Mr. Cosby answering questions under oath at his deposition and we will continue to seek justice for our courageous client, Judy Huth."

Read the entire New York feature here when the magazine's website returns, or pick up the print edition!