The fourth-largest jackpot in Powerball history is awaiting the lucky winner, but no one has come forward to throw their exultant arms around it. The $338 million ticket, worth $151,920,000 after taxes, was sold at a liquor store in Passaic, NJ on Saturday. Today store owner Sunil Sethi told reporters he doesn't know who bought the winning ticket, but "He (or she) don't have to work no more. If he is living in Passaic, he's definitely moving out."

At a press conference this morning, Carole Hedinger, executive director of the New Jersey lottery, told reporters it was not unusual for it winners to take time before coming forward to claim their prize. "They often take their time because they are seeking professional advice," Hedinger said. Back over at Sethi's "lucky" liquor store, regular lottery player Michel DeLillo, 51, said the victory gave her hope; she tells, "I wish I could get a piece of that. Maybe I can get lucky one of these days." Don't give up the dream Michel, the odds are only 175,223,510.00 to one!