A Long Island Rail Road train from Penn Station derailed on its way to the New Hyde Park last night, when a work train sideswiped it around 9 p.m. Thirty-three people were injured, and Governor Andrew Cuomo said this morning that the work train "violated the space" of the passenger train.

LIRR service between Jamaica and Hicksville is suspended until further notice.

According to Newsday, "The work train was on a track that was out of service and, although it was not a head-on collision, the equipment was obstructing the way of the passenger train near a switch... The work train, a yellow, one-car train, was performing scheduled maintenance on a second track on that train line Saturday. The two trains made contact at a switch near the New Hyde Park Station." MTA President Thomas Prendergast said last night, "It appears that the contact was made with the first car. Kind of like a sideswiping."

About 600 people were on the train. One passenger told NBC New York, "So the train was going normally, it was going at its normal speed, and then it started to shake, but that’s sort of normal, and then everyone started to sort of scream - so I realized something was wrong... And the train was really (going) back and forth and shaking … and then I look out the window and I saw a spark or a fire type thing … and then the train abruptly stopped and the car in front of mine was tilted, as if it wasn’t fully on the track."

Looks like a car hit our train. #lirr

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Passengers were removed from the train by crews; Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano said, "As you can see, it’s a very difficult extraction as the high elevation and to get the people off by ladder down rough terrain and on either side of the tracks. They were evacuated to ambulances."

One passenger said he saw a worker pinned under the rubble; the worker was eventually removed. Cuomo said this morning, "We’re fortunate that more people weren’t seriously hurt."

The NTSB will be investigating. Go to the MTA's website for the latest information about service changes.