Halloween is most notably a holiday celebrating ghosts, sexy Buzz Lightyear costumes, and candy. But it is also a time for debauchery, whether that includes crashing a party, toilet-papering a person's home, or explaining the plot of Star Wars to the idiot couple dressed as Luke and Leia. But it appears not everyone's a fan of the "trick" portion of "trick-or-treat,"—according to StreetEasy, Gowanus residents care enough about the massive sewage dump they live in to make the MOST 311 Halloween noise and mischief complaints out of any neighborhood in NYC, though they probably don't realize the Loch Ness monster that knocked over their garbage cans is actually a lost child who fell into the canal.

The real estate site found that 31 out of 10,000 Gowanus residents filed 311 complaints both last Halloween and the Halloween prior, which is ten times more than the average citywide. NIMBYs reported everything from noise to public urination and other sanitary conditions, though it's hard to see how the latter applies specifically to All Hallows' Eve, all things considered. Of course, now that rich people live in Gowanus, it's not that surprising complaining is on the rise.

Other neighborhoods that seem to hate Halloween include Nolita, which took the second spot; Midtown, whose trademark as the worst place to be on any given night is especially true on Halloween; and SoHo. For those of you who wish to light dog poop afire outside your neighbor's home like the Celtic Gods intended, StreetEasy notes that Flushing has the least Halloween-related 311 complaints in the city, followed by Sheepshead Bay and Canarsie.