311 Call CenterThe Post says the Mayor's 311 hot line is popular: Popular for people to rag on his performances: 10% of calls were to complain about his firehouse closings ("Please do two things for New York City: Reopen the six firehouses and leave"), 80% complained about the smoking ban. The mayor's staff is quick to point out that the 7500 calls complaining about the mayor are but a tiny portion of million-plus calls 311 has received since its start in March. Gothamist is thinking about calling to ask why the Mayor hasn't responded to our email about what his nickname is.

Also, Mayor Bloomberg is confident the city will be able to work out a solution for the $2.5 billion bond sale that Governor Pataki's committee nixed, leaving many to wonder if their relationship as steward of the state and steward of the city that has over a third of the state's population had soured. Bloomberg said, "The governor's a friend of mine, and he'll stay that way". Gothamist would like to now quote Dirk Calloway: "With friends like you, who needs friends?"